The CaliCube Function

Calicube functions by providing an image that integrates all of the critical components of an epi illuminated microscope. CaliCube is the only way to monitor all of these components together.

CaliCube in Zeiss Axio Imager 2.jpg

The image above shows how a CaliCube differs from a standard fluorescence filter cube. The  CaliCube shown on the right, reflects a focused image of the incident epi light source directly to the viewer for routine quantifiable monitoring and diagnosis. 

liquid light guide tips.jpg

These CaliCube generated images show a liquid light guide tip, before and after. The image on the left reveals a dirty light guide tip poorly centered by a defective coupler. Simple, fixable problems like this have been discovered in a high percentage of well maintained systems in prestigious labs. The industry has long been ignorant of these issues as the CaliCube is the only available product to date, capable of providing this critical information.

matrix 4 epi.jpg

A poorly aligned or coupled light source or a poor performing liquid light guide can significantly compromise a fluorescence microscope image and the quantitative data that follows.